pierrick sorin: revivals film

pierrick sorin - revivals film

Revivals: 1988, Film Super 8 (autofilmage), 5’, 5min13. http://www.pierricksorin.com/video/reveil.htm

I first saw Pierrock Sorin’s work in an exhibition in Chinon in the Loire Valley of France this year, La Part Des Anges.Later i researched his work, in particular Revivals partly because I really liked it and partly because it was relevant to the project we are doing at the moment – Lifelogging.

The film features the artist – Sorin – as he wakes up every morning and records his dream on film. I can’t speak French so I have noidea what he is saying, but all the same it is so interesting and humorous. I loved the idea. His tiredness, sleepy voice, drooping eyes and bedraggled hair add to the humour and character.
Apparently, he is continually promising to go to bed earlier so he is not so tired.

In the exhibition, what particularly caught my eye was the description below which tickled me, “Particularly humorous due to repetition”.

Sorin’s work is relevant to mine at this time as our brief is Life Logging, and he logs his life  through his dreams. He is taking the ordinary everyday part of his life and turning it into art.

Link to Sorin’s website: http://www.pierricksorin.com/

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